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Here's another one theorizing with lots of evidence, even proof, about how 911 was orchestrated by the Neocons with the help of the Mossad.

This is a good one too! Heads should ROLL!

Some of charges that must be brought against these criminals who are still at large and being allowed to lead our country into further war, debt, and supporting the apartheid state of Israel:

Mass Murder
Unjust War in the Middle East

U.S.-Israeli Theft of Land and Natural Resources and random & targeted Murder in Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq and other Arab & Muslim countries
Funding the Terrorist State of Israel
Insurance Fraud
Insider Trading
Illegal Corporate War Profiteering
Massive Deception*
*(With the aid of the Pro-Israel Mainstream Media who are criminal accomplices
to the criminal elements in "our" government)

Strategies for a Positive Change

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Our position on the Holocaust is that it is an infringement on the basic democratic right to freedom of speech to outlaw discussion which may include a variety of viewpoints on it. To impose fines or prison terms on anyone whose beliefs and/or opinions differ from the officially endorsed Holocaust historians, which is the case in Canada and many European countries, is anti-democratic, tyrannical and fascist. It is a clear case of abuse of power. For instance why is it OK to have cartoons about Islam (as in the case in Denmark) yet not of the Holocaust? Clearly this is a double standard, and abuse of power in the media and legal systems. We believe all the rights of all people should be equally and fully protected by law.


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See for yourself: Syrian men and women dancing and having a great time together on New Year's Eve in Syria, 2006. Syria is a modern, secular, socialistic country which would like to have a union of Arab countries, much like the European Union, but Israel does not want this. Israel still occupies some of Syrian land, called the Golan Heights. Syria is a country where many people of many religions and beliefs live peacefully side by side, as I have personally witnessed during my trip there in 2004. The population is predominately Muslim, various sects, and has a powerful Christian minority, and even some Jews who are clustered predominately in Damascus. Most Syrian Jews voluntarily went to live in the Jewish state of Israel where they enjoy more rights than non-Jews and are even allowed to steal land outright from non-Jews there, which has been happening since 1948, when the Jewish state was created at the expense of non-Jews, especially the Palestinian people. Syria desires peace with the world, but also justice, sovereignty and self-rule, however Israel, backed by Zionis- dominated USA, wants to take over and subordinate all of the Arab countries, exploiting the people and resources there, in particular oil, and thereby robbing it of any power and self-rule.

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by Anders Strindberg, Christian Science Monitor

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Comment of great Truth:

Alan Goodman- writer for Revolution newspaper who held a
banner at the Holocaust Museum stating,  "After the Holocaust, the
worst thing that has happened to Jewish people is the state of Israel."

(Editor's Note: So the best thing to do is to denounce Zionism and the Jewish state of Israel, and transform Israel into Palestine-Israel which must be a true democracy with completely equal rights for all regardless of religion, ethnicity, creed, race, or gender, and to allow the Palestinian refugees their inalienable Right to Return as equals and with reparations.)

Comment du annee (2008):

Congratulations to you Wendy for standing up for humanity,

I have followed your writing for a couple of years now, and just now decided to send you a note of appreciation for your bravery in standing up for your country and for international human rights on an issue that hardly anyone wants to touch out of fear of being called an anti-Semite or a racist. The insane irony of the situation, of course, is that the people who usually hurl these insults are themselves virulent anti-Semitic racists (Arabs are also Semites), but even more ironic (and many of themselves don’t even know this) is that they are neither Jews (because Zionism is antithetical to Judaism) nor are they in fact Semitic.

The ancestors of the majority of European Jews are 8th century southern Russian (Khazarian) pagan converts to Judaism, and as you know, Talmudically speaking, ‘the Jews’ are forbidden to re-establish themselves in The Land until the Moshiach comes and establishes them there in a non-violent way. To actually be a Jew is to accept a covenant to follow the Laws of G-d. A rebel against G-d’s Law cannot call him or herself ‘a Jew’.

The modern state of Israel itself is a rebellion against the Law of G-d. Real rabbis, some them Grand Rebbes, have pointed this out, and they warned the Jewish communities in the early 20th century about this group of young men who called themselves Zionists, and who had big plans to infect every Jewish community in the world with their heresies. This little century-old Zionist infection has cleverly now turned nearly the whole of the Jewish community into unwitting rebels against their own G-d, and caused the Jewish religion and Jewish people to be associated – in the minds of informed, educated people around the world – with one of the greatest ‘only whispered of’ barbarities of the 20th century, and getting even worse in the 21st.

Somewhere along the line in the early 20th century, this elitist, atheistic, militantly violent, Zionist leadership decided to orchestrate a campaign of calculated and designed bamboozlement upon their own community and the ‘Gentile world’ in order to provide ‘moral cover’ for their violent seizure of someone else’s real estate (Palestine).

These men who run Israel – a greedy, psychopathic minority within the Jewish community who claim to speak for their people – are the ideological and physical descendents of the Irgun and LeHI terrorists who idolized Mussolini and founded the state of Israel. So if anyone wonders why Israel looks like a rogue, Fascist state, there is a historical psychological profile behind founders such as Menachem Begin and Yitzhak Shamir that most Americans know absolutely nothing about, and that brings us to the MSM (Mainstream Media) and its function in all of this, but that is another long topic.

I will say, however, as one whose mother is Jewish, that it is an absolute daily horror to witness the hijacking of my mother’s faith and sacred land by the psycho scum who founded the state of Israel and have turned it into just one Gigantic Human Rights Violation unto itself. The Zionist TV news always spins how Islam has been hijacked by radicals, but you will often find in ‘Zionist spin’ that they do a lot of psychological ‘projection’ wherein they talk of “the enemy,” but they are really only just talking about themselves.

So yes, Judaism has been hijacked by atheistic, conscienceless militants who want to use the Jewish people as a “human shield” for a very dangerous colonial game of “let’s conquer the Middle East and kill all the Arabs and Persians.” Both Hitler and Netanyahu have spoken of their own versions of The Final Solution,” and both plans include the ingredients of genocide and ethnic cleansing. But of course, on the TV all you ever hear about is Hitler’s plan.

2008 should be the year that Jews decide to take back their religion and place the war criminals amongst them in hospitals for the criminally insane.


Thanks again Wendy, and hope to see you over at http://www.wtcdemolition.com/blog

Dr. Lazlo Toth

Comment du jour (10/08/07):

"I think in the end if Israel is going to survive in any form, they should be listening to you. I also think you were WAY ahead of your time in what you wrote about Syria and I truly believe that the Syrians want peace and will work for it." -- Ben Pleasants, American author ("Visceral Bukowski: Inside the Sniper Landscape of LA Writers"), novelist, journalist, and playwright. Note from the editor: I believe that Israel must transform from the Jewish state of Israel into a truly secular and democratic country called Palestine-Israel which will have completely equal rights for all regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or gender and that all Palestinian refugees must be allowed their Right to Return as complete equals and with reparations.--WC

Comment du jour (04/04/07):

Roseanne Barr Blasts Zionism And Israel

http://www.roseanneworld.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1589 RoseanneWorld.com 4-4-7

On being a jew and not supporting israel... I think the zionists made a huge mistake when they factioned the left in germany. They ended up trading jewish lives for land, instead of standing together with the socialist factions that opposed hitler. Zionism was the last nail in the casket of European jewry. The arab's protection is the only reason any holy site remains in israel. The jews line up to stone women who try to access those sites. I saw it with my own eyes. The arabs do not invade other countries. The israelis do. I am sick of israel and I am sick of zionists. They are propped up by evangelical christians who cannot wait for the arabs to kill them so that their genocidal war god whom they misname jesus can come back. In their twisted logic, the jews call that support for israel. In the christian's form of suicidal insanity, all the jews need to die in israel so that "/peace/" can be attained there. The koran is the exact same book as the torah and Mohammed is just like Paul of tarses. The jews are raised to be suicide bombers too, and that abusive cult-programming that is done to jewish children, beginning with genital torture, remains strong even after the religion itself is abandoned. There is no israel really, and there will soon be no jews, I fear, unless the promise of the covenant comes to pass.. the covenant states that free thought will allow the jews to abandon their need for separatism, their obsolete and archaic woman hating religion and join the struggle for human rights first, before any other cult indoctrinated group, because the jews will have had access to higher learning and science and therefore give birth to the rational mind therefore transforming religion by re translating the torah into science.


Comment du jour (08/08/06):

" Indeed, the real enemies of Jews are those who cheapen the memory of Jewish suffering by equating principled opposition to Israel's illegal and immoral policies with anti-Semitism. "-- Norman Finkelstein

For more on Mr. Finkelstein's views: www.normanfinkelstein.com


Comment du jour (08/03/05):

Hi Wendy -

I am honored that you thought enough of my work to recommend it to your e-mail list. I will keep you informed as new pertinent writings come on the site. See, I don't just want to circulate information. I want to find methods of action. Being Jewish, I would really like to become a spiritual leader. I am not a rabbi... but I understand the great spirituality of Judaism, which is really true invisible monotheism. I say that Judaism is not Jew-da-ism. So I have come up with the term Universal Judaism which extracts the universal and spiritual essence of Judaism... Genesis- Malachi, and sheds the ethnic aspects. I have also amalgamated Judaism with Taoism. I call it Judao/Taoism. That is coming on the site. One cannot overlook the spirtual philosophies of the East. If you haven't read anything about Taoism, I strongly suggest that you do... because it works. Zionist Israel shames Judaism, and is going to cause another persecution of the Jewish people. I want to try to stop it before it starts... this is why I am greatful for your help... See you picked up on the problem... and it will eventually become common knowledge... and will cause a horrible backlash against the Jewish people. By the way I do not think your writings and your pursuits are anti-Semitic or anti-Jewish... they are simply true. Basically and above all, I am a ruthless seeker of truth. I am loyal to The Truth which is my God... my loyalty is not to people, ethnic groups or religions or nations. This truth scholarship cuts across every area of life... social, economic, political, religion... see, bias causes what I call intelligent ignorance. An intelligent person with a bias is an ignorant person... our mind must remain empty and open to the truth.


Ken Fox