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PLEASE NOTE: Some websites authored by my political opponents make completely false claims about Wendy Campbell.

Wendy Campbell is simply anti-Zionism, a racist Jewish-based political ideology that discriminates against non-Jews, most especially non-Jewish Palestinians. Many Jews are also anti-Zionism, including many featured on this website. Wendy Campbell is not in any way affiliated with any Nazi or white supremacist groups or individuals, even though one of her articles was published on the National Alliance website, however she has been published in a wide variety of publications, including Jewish publications. The American Free Press is not a white supremacist paper and does not "advocate discrimination, violence and genocide against Jewish individuals and organizations." All these allegations are total lies and have a vicious political motivation to preserve Jewish-supremacist Israel as the racist, apartheid, genocidal, terrorist state that it is. Boycott apartheid Israel!



























Wendy Campbell, founder of MarWen Media, is a film-maker & distributor, human rights and conservation activist, writer, illustrator, political pundit, world traveler and entrepreneur. She has appeared on numerous TV and radio shows, and speaks frequently at conferences and screenings.

Pictured left: Wendy Campbell filming at the ruins of St. Simeon in Syria in March, 2004.

Ms. Campbell believes that Israel must be forced to transform from the racist, apartheid, ethnic-cleansing, anti-democratic rogue state that it is into a truly democratic, secular state called Palestine-Israel, whereby the law provides completely equal rights for all, regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, gender or personal wealth. It will no longer be a "Jewish state".

She fully supports the Palestinian refugees' inalienable Right to Return to their ancestral homeland of Palestine-Israel as complete equals, as it is their right according to UN resolutions, International Laws, and the majority of world opinion. She believes that this will happen along the same lines that apartheid South Africa was forced to transform into a truly democratic, secular state, by treating Israel as a pariah state, and penalizing Israel with boycotts and sanctions, until the transformation is complete.

The United States of America must cut all ties with apartheid Israel. The UN unfairly and unilaterally created Israel in 1948 at the expense of the native peoples in that area, and now the UN and the world must humanely and fairly play a major role to recreate Israel by transforming apartheid, racist Israel in the same way that racist, apartheid South Africa was transformed into a true, secular democracy. My vision of a one-democratic-state solution is not the same thing as Wikipedia's "binational one-state solution", whereby Israel annexes all the rest of the Palestinian territories, as Wikipedia falsely claims. Wikipedia also falsely claims that non-Jews enjoy completely equal rights as Jews in Israel. This is a complete and outright lie.

Ms. Campbell is one of the first human rights activists to recognize that Israel is indeed an apartheid country, and she is certainly one of the first human rights activists in the world to bring it to the attention of Americans and others. Now it is common knowledge among most anti-war and human rights activists, and increasingly more of the general public. One certainly cannot find out the Truth about apartheid Israel by reading the mainstream U.S. media which is most definitely unfairly biased towards Israel, and hides the negative aspects about Israel from the American public in order to keep milking the American tax payers dollars, billions a year, plus immoral wars, for apartheid Israel's imperialistic ambitions.

Pictured left:Israeli Apartheid Wall, twice as high and seven times longer than the Berlin Wall was. Tear down the Apartheid Wall! No to segregation! No to apartheid! Yes to completely equal rights for all!

Her first documentary was "Truth: Exposing Israeli Apartheid", and subsequently she produced "Neturei Karta: Jews Against Zionism", "Rosa Remembers Palestine", and "Syria: Land of Friendly People and Hidden Treasure".

She also organized the Rachel Corrie Banner Project, which featured monthly protests 0utside especially pro-Israel US politicians' offices and at busy shopping centers for a year in honor of Rachel Corrie, a 23 year old American peace activist who was bulldozed to death (twice) by an Israeli soldier while she tried to prevent a Palestinian family's home from being demolished on March 16, 2003. Israelis continually and systematically demolish Palestinians' homes because they want the land for Jews only. It is a blatant example of racist ethnic cleansing and slow genocide, which "our" government supports, using our tax dollars. Here is a link with a video of Ms. Campbell at one of the monthly protests.

Ms. Campbell firmly believes that the Truth will set us all free, in order for justice to be achieved, and then there can be peace for all people. She fully lives by and believes in the importance of The Golden Rule, treating others as we would like to be treated.








You can listen in to an interview with documentary film-maker Wendy Campbell which aired on Wednesday, Oct. 20th on KPFA 94.1 FM radio, which is in Berkeley, California.

Just visit and click on MERP shows at KPFA (in the left column) and then on the Oct. 20th show. In the interview, Ms. Campbell discusses the mission of her new media company MarWen Media (, her documentary "Rosa Remembers Palestine" which is an interview with a Palestinian refugee from 1948, and upcoming new documentary projects.

Ms. Campbell is pleased to announce that her documentary 'Rosa Remembers Palestine' is already receiving rave reviews from those who have seen it. In fact, KPFA will be using DVDs and VHS copies of the documentary as a KPFA fundraising item!

This documentary will help to make Americans aware of how their tax dollars are being spent in Israel, and may very well be instrumental in convincing fellow Americans to pressure the US government to stop supporting apartheid Israel and change its foreign policy in the Middle East.


You can also hear an interview with Wendy Campbell that took place on Nov. 3, 2004 on the Meria Heller Show, a radio show out of Arizona. Check out her website below if you get a chance. She truthfully covers excellent topical, often controversial material -- ahead of the curve, like MarWen Media. The following is Meria's description of her show, that included Wendy Campbell.

11/3/04 "Meria With Wendy Campbell - Producer- Jews Against Zionism" Todays show opens with They're Building A Wall, by David Rovics ; Wendy Campbell, producer of many films joins me to discuss her film :Neturei Karta:Jews Against Zionism"; What is the Zionist movement? How did it/does it affect our election, media and adminstration? Are we fighting the Zionists' war in Iraq? Who is Rabbi Dovid Weiss? Why is the JDL on the U.S. terrorist list? Why do we sanction the apartheid going on in Israel against the Palestinians? Why do we protect and support the Zionist movement in Israel? Why is it illegal for U.S. to boycott Israeli companies? Why is the rest of the world placing sanctions against Israel? The goal of the Zionist/Evangelicals is subjugation of the entire planet. Even China can see that. Who are the true owners of Israel/Palestine? Did Israel exist in the Bible? Are the Zionists friends of the Jewish people? Wendy contends a soft coup was completed by Zionists with the special law of dual citizenship between Israel & the US, check out Bush's adminstration. The Meria Heller Show 5th year on the net! & WARL1320am R.I. (small fee for accessing archived shows)

Other interviews with Wendy Campbell can be found at the following:

The July 22, 2005 Rick Adams Show on Republic Broadcasting Network at:


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A Palestinian boy holds a Key which represents the fact that many Palestinian people still hold the actual, original keys and deeds to their homes which were stolen by Israeli Jews in Palestine-Israel beginning in 1948 when the Jewish state was created. According to UN Resolutions and International Law, the Palestinian refugees have the inalienable Right to Return to their homes in their ancestral land of Palestine-Israel as equals. Yet not one has been allowed to yet. Human rights activists worldwide are working to help make every citizen of this world aware of this great injustice, and then to take corrective action. The first key step is to pressure the US government to stop all manner of support for the racist, apartheid, Jewish supremacist state of Israel. It is not a democracy even for Jews since, for one example, it is not legally possible for Jews to marry non-Jews inside Israel. Israel is in fact, a racist, apartheid, nationalistic, imperialistic, fascist theocracy which is receiving billions of US tax payers dollars every year, and that does not even include the wars our country is pushed into fighting largely on behalf of Israel. The situation in Palestine-Israel is far worse than the apartheid regime which existed in South Africa before the world pressured it to transform into a true democracy. Therefore the growing world-wide movement to boycott apartheid Israel will hopefully help to dismantle the racist, apartheid, Zionist state of Israel. Silence is complicity. So spread the Word.

For those who want to learn more, please visit and read "The Origin of the Palestine-Israel Conflict" written by Jews for Justice in the Middle East.

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